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We warned you … now here it comes

The UCP is about to launch its long-anticipated attack on worker rights

About eight months ago, the Alberta Federation of Labour president Gil McGowan warned Albertans that the UCP was developing a new law aimed at attacking worker rights and tipping the balance of power grossly in favour of employers, both in the workplace and on the political stage.

We think the UCP will introduce this long-anticipated law in the Legislature next week.

We don’t think it’s a coincidence that Jason Kenney has chosen to table this dangerous piece of legislation in July during a pandemic. He clearly hopes Albertans will be too tired and too distracted to pay attention.

But we can’t let that happen.

As we wait for the Kenney government to make its move, we encourage Albertans to listen to the powerful 12-minute speech that McGowan delivered in November – and heed his warning.

Please watch the video and share it with your friends. An unprecedented attack on worker rights is about to begin. This speech will help you understand what’s at stake.


Quotes from the speech

“This new legislation … will impose restrictions on union advocacy spending – restrictions that are unprecedented in Canadian history and which are almost certainly going to be unconstitutional.”

“Corporations will not be required to get permission from their shareholders when they engage in overt or covert attempts to influence lawmakers or the public…these rules will only apply to unions.”

“This represents a cowardly, unbalanced and fundamentally undemocratic attack on working Albertans and their ability to be heard and exert influence on the political stage.”

“The law they’re about to introduce isn’t motivated by concern for ordinary working Albertans. And it’s not motivated by concerns about freedom, rights or democracy. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of all of those things … what this is really about is undermining the bargaining power of working Albertans … so that employers can more easily reduce wages, benefits and workplace protections.”

“It’s also about silencing the UCP’s critics and weakening groups that Premier Kenney knows will stand up to him and push back against his agenda.”

“What Premier Kenney is proposing would unbalance the scales … and give employers, the wealthy and corporations unprecedented power to set both wages AND the political agenda.”

“These policies won’t just undermine unions; they will undermine all Alberta workers and the entire Alberta middle class.”


If you’re worried about Jason Kenney’s plan to bring US-style anti-worker rules to Alberta, join the Defend Worker Rights campaign.

We can’t let him get away with his plan to tip the scales of power, so dramatically, against working people or his plan to transform Alberta in the image of an anti-worker Republican American state.