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Someone is trying to Trumpify Alberta

Want to know how?

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Everyone knows that billionaires and big corporations want different things than workers do. Corporations want tax breaks and fewer rules while workers want fair wages and decent public services.

Government sits in the middle.

They're the only ones who can make sure the wealth of corporations doesn't always outweigh the rights of workers. Unfortunately, balance is not always their priority. In America, for example, the scales have long been tipped in favour of the rich and powerful.

Politicians bought and paid for by billionaires and big corporations have systematically dismantled the rules that protect the bargaining power of workers. They've attacked the minimum wage, and laws that allow workers to join unions, bargain collectively and speak to the public on important issues.

The result is that inequality in the U.S. is now exploding. Wages have fallen. Their middle class is in crisis. And Americans are losing faith in their institutions and leaders.

Many Americans look longingly to Canada because of our universal Medicare, our good public schools and our strong middle class.

But what does this have to do with Alberta?

Like the Republican politicians that he idolizes Jason Kenney is using COVID-19 as cover to attack workers' rights, bring in U.S.-style labour laws, cut and privatize public services, and get rid of protections for consumers and the environment. Kenney is even making forms of political protest a crime. 

So while he takes away your power, he's growing his own power and that of his wealthy supporters and donors.

The good news is that when everyday people join forces we can balance the scales.

The bad news is Jason Kenney is done pretending he's on our side.

His new anti-worker law will weaken workplace protections. It will make it harder for Albertans to join unions and negotiate collectively. And it will also restrict the ability of workers to speak to the public on issues they care about. Crucially, these new restrictions will only apply to workers and unions, not to billionaires or corporations.

If we want to protect our quality of life and stop Jason Kenney from turning Alberta into an anti-worker Republican state, we need to stand up in defense of our worker rights and our democratic rights.

And we need to do it now, before it's too late.

Learn more about what's at stake and how you can help balance the scales. Go to DefendWorkerRights.ca