Review of Longstanding Claims A "Victory" for Injured Workers

The Alberta Federation of Labour responded to the government's planned changes to WCB by stating that it had positive and negative impacts on workers. The AFL singled out the promise to establish a one-time tribunal to review longstanding contentious claims as a positive step for injured workers.

"The tribunal to review past claims is a victory for injured workers," says AFL President Les Steel. "Over the years many workers were unjustly denied WCB benefits because of flaws in the WCB system. This one-time review provides a change to correct those past wrongs."

Steel cites the case of the Medicine Hat Transit workers exposed to methanol as an example of a case clearly deserving of a second look. "We need someone with a fresh eye to look at these cases and determine if the worker was treated fairly."

Other changes, Steel says, are a mixture of good, bad and too early to tell. "The changes are a mixed bag for workers. There are some things that will help workers, but there are some proposals I am concerned about as well."

"The WCB has been out of control for the past few years, I am hopeful some of the changes will force the WCB to be more accountable to Albertans." Steel highlights the requirements for an Annual General Meeting and the new Accountability Framework as examples.

Other positive changes include:

  • Eliminating the CSRC, the in-house appeal panel, which only served to delay the appeal process
  • Moving the Appeals Commission and Appeals Advisors out from under WCB
  • Legislating a 30 day requirement on WCB to implement appeal decisions

Steel says he is concerned about structural changes being made to the Appeals Commission. "Eliminating the employer and worker commissioners has the potential to unravel all the other good changes to the appeal system."

Steel is also opposed to making the Commissioners their own Board of Directors. "The people writing the decisions need to be accountable to some body above them. They can't police themselves."

Steel is disappointed the government did not move forward on recommendations to fund independent advocates for injured workers. "Workers should have a right to choose their advocate in an appeal."

"We have been saying for years that the WCB is ignoring injured workers. I think the Minister finally heard our message. And he seems to have gotten it partly right." Steel concluded. "And rest assured we will be talking with him about the rest of it."

For further information, contact:

Les Steel, President   @ (780) 499-4135
Jason Foster, Director of Policy Analysis @ (780) 483-3021

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