Kenyan postal workers fight for collective bargaining rights

UNI stands in solidarity with postal workers in Kenya fighting for labour rights as 600 dismissed for taking part in industrial action.

Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) management has dismissed 600 workers in an illegal attempt to influence a strike organised by the Communications Workers Union of Kenya (COWU). The industrial action follows the management's refusal to continue negotiations on workers' salaries. The negotiations have been going on for three years. PCK had proposed to postpone talks until 2012.

"The strike has continued uninterrupted for the last four days and is set to continue until the management of PCK agrees to meet us and together sign an agreeable solution," said Benson Okwaro, General Secretary of UNI affiliate COWU.

Referring to the dismissals Okwaro said, "This is against the law because strikes are provided for by our constitution. It is intimidation meant to scare our members from going ahead with the strike."

In the face of such anti-union action, UNI Global Union stands by its affiliate and strongly condemns the behaviour of the PCK management as a violation of the right to collective bargaining and freedom of association.

UNI has addressed a letter to the CEO of the Postal Corporation of Kenya, urging him to resume negotiations in the best interests of all social partners.

Affiliates are also asked to send messages to CEO and the Minster of Posts, a sample and contact details are attached

UNI (Global Union), Tues Dec 20 2011

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