Press Releases:

Child Care is crucial for Alberta’s economic recovery - posted May 25, 2020

As Albertans return to work, AFL publishes list of 100 jobs where COVID-19 risk is highest - posted May 21, 2020

Alberta unions urge Kenney government to delay re-opening the economy by one month - posted May 13, 2020

Where's the proof that UCP-approved masks will actually keep Albertans safe? - posted May 12, 2020

Alberta unions applaud Trudeau’s minimum-wage top-up, but demand transparent process with role for labour from Kenney - posted May 7, 2020

Reopening Alberta needs to be about worker safety, not corporate profits - posted May 5, 2020

Cargill meat plant shouldn't be allowed to re-open until workers are satisfied it's safe, says AFL - posted April 30, 2020

Day of Mourning 2020: UCP government failing to put worker safety first - posted April 28, 2020

Letter re: response to Alberta's first COVID-19 workplace fatality - posted April 22, 2020

Alberta unions applaud federal support for oil and gas workers - posted April 17, 2020

Alberta needs inclusive health care for everyone, especially during a pandemic - posted April 17, 2020

As workplace infections spread in Alberta, AFL calls on government to reassess its approach keeping workers and the public safe - posted April 16, 2020

Employment statistics for March are brutal. But next month will be worse, especially for Alberta. - posted April 9, 2020

Workers in 'Essential Workplaces' Deserve Presumptive WCB Coverage, says AFL - posted April 8, 2020

UCP government using pandemic to make ideological changes to workplace rules - posted April 7, 2020

AFL outlines six ways to improve the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit COVID-19 - posted April 7, 2020

Child care is an essential service for Albertans during this crisis, and always - posted April 6, 2020

UCP's decision to axe 20,000 education jobs during a crisis will set families adrift and further damage the economy, says AFL - posted March 28, 2020

AFL calls for stronger wage subsidy program to ensure jobs and employment for Albertans - posted March 26, 2020

Many employers are not following government guidelines on COVID-19. What is the UCP going to do about it? - posted March 23, 2020

Alberta lacks 'surge capacity' in health care system because of past cuts - posted March 19, 2020

Alberta unions demand that the UCP scrap the budget they just passed - posted March 18, 2020

UCP misled Albertans on PAID sick leave, causing more confusion for workers and employers during a crisis - posted March 17, 2020

Alberta unions condemn UCP decision to ram through deeply-flawed budget - posted March 16, 2020

Alberta unions demand paid sick leave for all Albertans - posted March 11, 2020



As Albertans return to work, who is at the highest risk of exposure to the novel coronavirus? - posted May 21, 2020

2020 AFL May Day Solidarity Award Winner - Nancy Furlong - posted May 12, 2020

2020 AFL International Women's Day Award Winner - Ivana Niblett - posted May 12, 2020

So, Kenney wants to reopen the economy? Not so fast! - posted May 5, 2020

Part 4: Online Learning: Widening Inequity and an Absence of Leadership - posted May 5, 2020

Part 3: Is Disaster Capitalism here in Alberta? - posted April 20, 2020 

Part 2: Decisions in a Crisis Determine the Fate of Public Education - posted April 9, 2020

Six ways to improve the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit COVID-19 - posted April 6, 2020

Part 1: COVID-19 Arrives in Alberta - posted March 31, 2020

An AFL Blog Series: Public Education During A Crisis - announced March 31, 2020

Alberta unions offer alternative plan for dealing with COVID-19 crisis and oil price crash - posted March 19, 2020



Gil McGowan: The Alberta Government's Failures Are Killing Workers and Spreading COVID-19 - The Tyee - April 28, 2020

Siobhan Vipond: COVID-19 crisis shows the importance of early child care - The Edmonton Journal - April 17, 2020

Gil McGowan: As Other Leaders Support Public Workers, Kenney Kicks Them When They're Down - The Tyee - April 7, 2020

Gil McGowan: UCP fixation on cutting will crash Alberta's economy - The Edmonton Journal - April 3, 2020



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