AFL Convention in Calgary

CALGARY - Union leaders and activists from across the province will gather in Calgary this week to take part in the biennial convention of the Alberta Federation of Labour. The convention will be held at the Westin Hotel (320 - 4th Ave S.W.) over four days, starting tomorrow and wrapping up on Sunday afternoon.

During the convention, delegates from more than 30 unions will debate resolutions and policies papers on a wide range of issues. Topics to be addressed will include everything from the workplace fallout of Canada's softwood lumber dispute with the United States to opposition to the Klein government's controversial new labour law, Bill 27.

"We are currently at a crucial moment in the history of labour relations in this province," says AFL president Les Steel.

"With Bill 27, the government is laying the groundwork for a major assault on workplace rights - an assault that will almost certainly spread beyond the health care sector. At this convention, we will be developing strategies to beat back that assault and protect the interests of working Albertans."

Highlights of tomorrow's convention agenda (Thursday, May 1) include the following:

10:30 a.m. - President's Address: AFL President Les Steel
1:45 p.m. - Keynote Address: Paul Bigman, Jobs With Justice Campaign
3:00 p.m. - Emergency Debate: Alberta's latest push for workplace drug testing
3:30 p.m. - Lessons from B.C.'s fight against cuts and privatization:
B.C Federation of Labour President Jim Sinclair
4:00 p.m. - Emergency Debate: Privatization of Alberta's water resources
5:00 p.m. - May Day March (from Eau Claire - by the "Y" - organized by CDLC)

Reporters interested in attending the AFL convention are asked to report to the Lake Louise Room (Conference Level) for media credentials and press kits. The convention itself is being held in the Westin's main ballroom. The AFL is Alberta's largest labour organization with more than 105,000 members. AFL conventions are held every second year.

For more information call: Gil McGowan, AFL Communications @ (780) 910-1137

Attachment: AFL Convention Agenda

AFL 43rd Constitutional Convention
May 1 - 4, 2003



 10:00 am Opening Session  
 10:30 am President's Address
 11:00 am Executive Council Report
 12:00 pm Lunch
 1:30 pm Presentation of the May Day Solidarity Award
 1:45 pm Key Note Speaker - Paul Bigman, "Jobs With Justice"
 2:45 pm Health & Safety Committee Report & Resolutions
 3:30 pm Greetings from Jim Sinclair, President, BC Federation of Labour
 3:45 pm Environment Committee Report & Resolutions
 4:30 pm Adjournment
 5:00 pm May Day March

 9:00 am Credentials Committee Report
  Alberta Labour History Institute
 9:30 am Guest Speaker - Leo Gerard, International President, USWA
 10:00 am Education Committee Report & Resolutions
 10:45 am Alberta Workers Health Centre Report
 11:00 am Policy Paper - "Labour and Communities: Organizing for Change"
 12:00 Noon Lunch
 1:30 pm Greetings from Raj Pannu, Leader of the AB New Democrats
 2:00 pm Model Labour Code - Martin D'Entremont
 3:00 pm Political Action Committee Report & Resolutions
 3:45 pm Constitutional Resolutions
 5:00 pm Adjournment


 9:00 am Credentials Committee Report
  Women's Committee Report & Resolutions
 10:00 am Aspen Foundation
  Canadian Association of Union Services (CAUS)
  Public Interest Network
  Kids Camp
 11:00 am Policy Paper - "The Promise and Problem of Young Workers & Unions"
 12:00 Noon Lunch
 1:30 pm Guest Speaker - Deborah Bourque, President, CUPW
 2:00 pm Human Rights Committee Report & Resolutions
 2:45pm Policy Paper - "Migrant Agricultural Workers in Alberta"
 4:00 pm Candidates Forum
 4:30 pm Adjournment


 9:00 am General - Emergency Resolutions
 10:00 am Guest Speaker - Ken Georgetti, President, CLC
 10:30 am General - Emergency Resolutions
 11:00 am Credentials Committee Final Report
  Election of Officers & Executive Council
 12:00 Noon Closing Ceremonies
 12:30 pm Adjournment
 1:00 pm Executive Council Meeting

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