Government decision banning mandatory high heels in the workplace is great news for workers

The Alberta Federation of Labour is partnering with hospitality workers on “Fairness for Alberta’s Restaurant Workers campaign”

Edmonton- Alberta Federation of Labour applauds government action to ensure worker safety.

The Alberta Federation of Labour is pleased to see the Government of Alberta take a clear position on high heels in the workplace. Not allowing employers to force employees into wearing high heels as part of their dress code removes a discriminatory and unnecessary safety hazard that disproportionately put women at unnecessary risk.

Gil McGowan, President of the Alberta Federation of Labour, “This is great news for worker safety. High heels are a health and safety issue, not a cosmetic issue.  They increase the risk of accidents like slips and falls and can lead to chronic health issues.  Requiring people to wear damaging footwear simply doesn’t make sense.”

High heels are one of the most common workplace hazards in the hospitality industry, with serious health and safety implications.  Slipping and falling are a constant risk, but other long-term risks are commonly associated with high heels, including tendon damage, back pain, and osteoarthritis in the knees. 

This change is a clear indication that the Government of Alberta listens to workers and responds to their needs. Industry worker groups have called for an end to mandatory high heels in the workplace and the Government has responded.  The Alberta Federation of Labour is partnering with workers from the hospitality industry to continue to advocate for better working conditions in their industry.  Banning mandatory high heels in the workplace was one issue, but there are others. To learn more about the work underway to bring fairness to Alberta’s restaurant industry please go to

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