Email Your MLA

Fight for your power

Email your MLA to say: Don’t import US-style labour laws to Alberta!

Like Donald Trump, Kenney only wants to hear from CEOs and rich insiders.

Kenney has introduced a US-style anti-worker bill that will tip the scales even further in favour of corporations. Workers won’t be able to fight together for fair wages, paid sick leave, secure pensions, and workplace health & safety.

The American approach of reducing worker power while increasing the power of corporations and the wealthy has put the American middle class on life support. Why would we do this to ourselves?

Kenney says he’s doing this to protect you. He’s lying. He’s trying to protect himself and his corporate supporters at the expense of everyone else. Your MLA can stop him in the Legislature. We need to demand that MLAs defend workers, not CEOs.

Tell your MLA: Defend Worker Rights!