Bill 1 takes unprecedented steps to curtail freedom of expression and dissent under the guise of protecting infrastructure

Statement from the Alberta Federation of Labour calling on Premier Kenney to withdraw Bill 1

The Alberta Federation of Labour is urging Premier Kenney to withdrawal his Bill 1, the Critical Infrastructure Defence Act, before the legislature returns on March 16, 2020.

Through this legislation the Kenney government is attempting to take advantage of a specific protest event to wipe out all dissenting voices in Alberta. While Bill 1 might seem simple at first, it is in fact extremely far reaching and punitive. The legislation is clearly designed to stop or discourage all collective action that goes against the UCP agenda, including potential labour or worker action.

Bill 1 further restricts activities that are, for now, constitutionally protected activities, like freedom of assembly and expression. Meanwhile, many of the things the UCP government are claiming to be stopping with Bill 1 are already prohibited activities under other legislation including the Canadian Criminal Code.

The UCP justification for this bill is extremely misleading. The reality is that Bill 1 attempts to strip Albertans of their constitutional rights to freedom of expression and prevent any future dissent against the UCP.

Bill 1 is unsalvageable and should be withdrawn by Premier Kenney immediately.

Gil McGowan, President, Alberta Federation of Labour


Ramona Franson
Director, Communications, AFL
[email protected]